Voucher Holders

Each year, KH’s voucher programs help almost 1,000 low- and moderate-income households rent safe, affordable apartments throughout the Monadnock Region. Through our eligibility guidelines, income and household status is used to determine the type and level of subsidy provided by KH.

Typically, voucher holders pay 20% to 40% of their monthly income to their landlord, with the remainder of the rent covered by KH. KH encourages voucher holders to understand the program they’re in and their rights as renters.

KH strives to find better ways to run our programs, making it easier for voucher holders to find and maintain safe, high quality affordable housing. In addition to helping voucher holders find and keep affordable housing, KH operates a variety of programs beyond housing. Explore the Programs & Services section of our website to learn more about the resources available to voucher holders.


The MTW Administrative Plan explains the policies through which the MTW Housing Choice Voucher, Non-Elderly Disabled Voucher, and Project-Based Voucher programs are administered. Mainstream participants please see the Housing Choice Voucher Program for the policies related to your voucher.

Voucher Payment Standards

The VPS is the maximum subsidy KH can provide toward the contract rent (rent plus utility allowance for utilities, stove, or refrigerator paid or provided by the tenant). If the contract rent is more than the VPS, the family must make up the difference out of its own pocket. Current approved VPS can be found on the Voucher Resources page.

The VPS assumes that all utilities are included in the household’s contract rent. When utilities are not included in the contract rent, the estimated cost of those utilities to the participants are deducted from the payment standard; this is called the utility allowance.

For more information about payment standards and utility allowances, please see the MTW Administrative Plan.

Income & Household Changes

All changes in income or changes in household members must be reported to KH in writing within ten (10) business days. Failure to do so may result in you owing KH for overpaid subsidy and possibly termination from the program.

Reviews & Inspections

All voucher holders are subject to a review of their income, household composition, and program eligibility on a regular basis (recertification). Households should be familiar with the recertification program requirements.

Voucher holders with questions about KH’s rent, occupancy, or other policies can find helpful information on the Resources and FAQs pages.

Helpful Links

Keene Housing encourages our HCV participants to understand their program and their rights as a renter in the private market. The following links provide helpeful information to participants.