Termination and Informal Hearings

There are a number of circumstances under which your Housing Choice Voucher assistance could be terminated.

The Housing Authority may at any time terminate program assistance for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to use HAP to pay rent
  • Repeated vilations of the household’s KH’s MTW Housing Contract
  • Violent or other illegal behavior
  • Program abuse or fraud

A complete list of causes for termination of assistance can be found in Chapter 18 of the MTW Administrative Plan.

The Informal Hearing

KH will give the tenant an opportunity for an informal hearing to consider whether the following determinations are in accordance with law, HUD regulations and Housing Authority rules, under a limited number of cases. The Notice of Intent to Terminate will list whether the household is eligible for an informal hearing as does KH’s Informal Hearing Policies in Chapter 19 of the MTW Administrative Plan.

How to Request an Informal Hearing for Termination Actions

Whenever an informal hearing is applicable, the tenant will be notified by letter. This termination letter will give reasons for the action and a deadline for requesting a hearing. The request must be made in writing to KH. If a written request is not received by the deadline, KH will terminate the family’s housing assistance.

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