Tenant Selection and Occupancy Plan (TSOP)

Keene Housing maintains a TSOP that describes the agency’s policies for administering its housing programs including tenant selection and eligibility, rules surrounding continued occupancy, and termination of assistance. The plan is approved by the Board of Commissioners and reviewed annually.

The full plan, including its individual chapters, glossary and appendix are available in PDF format.

Tenant Selection and Occupancy Plan (TSOP)(complete, includes all Appendices)

About this Plan

KH Portfolio Overview

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Mission statement
Purpose of the TSOP
Fair Housing And Non-Discrimination
Assistance To Households Claiming Discrimination
Program Accounts And Records

Chapter 2. Definitions

Chapter 3. Applying for Programs and the Waiting List

Applying for Assistance
Processing Preliminary Applications
Placement on the Waiting List
Organization of the Waiting List
Admission Preferences
Closing and Opening the Waiting list
Updating the Waiting List and the Purge Letter
Removal from the Waiting List

Chapter 4. Tenant Selection and Assignment Plan

Screening for Eligibility
Student Eligibility for Multifamily Properties
Student Eligibility for LIHTC Properties
Screening for Suitability
Screening Applicants Claiming Mitigating Circumstances
The Eligibility Process
Making Apartment Offers
Showing Apartments and Leasing Requirements

Chapter 5. Occupancy and Household Composition

Occupancy Standards
Types of Exceptions
Processing Exceptions
Household Reunification
Live-in Aides

Chapter 6. Determining Income

Annual Income
Annual Income – What is counted?
Annual Income – What is not counted?
Adjusted Income – Eligible Deductions
Adjusted Income – Unreimbursed Childcare Deduction
Adjusted Income – Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

Chapter 7. Determining Total Tenant Payment

Determining TTP
Tenant Rent Variables
Periodic Rent Determinations – Annual Recertifications
Adjusting Rent between Regular Recertifications – Interim Recertifications (Central Square Terrace and Meadow Road only)
Adjusting Rent between Regular Recertifications – Interim Recertifications (Evergreen Knoll only – Pending)
Rent Limits (All Properties)

Chapter 8. Utilities

Utility Payments and Allowances
Excess Utility Charges
Utility Allowance Adjustments

Chapter 9. Continued Occupancy

Eligibility for Continued Occupancy
Additions to and Deletions from the Household
Interim Changes in Household Composition that Affect Rent
Remaining Household Members
Extended Absences
Weapons Policy
Vehicle Registration
Smoke-Free Housing Policy
Rent Payment
Billing Tenants For Non Rent Charges
Occupancy or House Rules

Chapter 10. Transfer Policy

Types and Priorities of Transfers
Transfer Processing
Costs of Transfer (Emergency & Life Threatening Transfers)
Eligibility For Transfer
Over-housed Transfers
Transfers To A KH Housing Choice Voucher Program
Tenant Requested Transfers
Security Deposits
Transfer Offer Policy

Chapter 11. The Lease

Lease Addenda
Lease Termination
Household—initiated Lease Terminations
KH—initiated Lease Terminations
Criminal Background Requirements
Eviction Actions

Chapter 12. Animal Policy

Permitted Animals
Animals on KH Property
Animal Waste and Sanitation
Community Safety and Animal Control

Chapter 13. Termination of Tenancy/Lease

Tenant-Initiated Termination
Apartment Abandonment
Disposal of Personal Property
KH-Initiated Termination
Termination of Assistance For RD Properties (Pending)
Termination of Assistance for LIHTC Properties under a PBV Contract
Termination of Assistance for KAHP Properties
Termination of Assistance for Multifamily Properties
Alternatives To Termination Of Tenancy
Lease Termination Notice
Eviction Proceedings

Chapter 14. Appeals for Adverse Decisions

Notice to the Household of Right to Appeal
Informal Review for Applicant Households
Informal Resolution for Tenant Households
Grievance Hearings for Evergreen Knoll Residents (pending)
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Appeal Process


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