KH provides helpful information for tenants receiving housing assistance, including property management contacts and policies, how to make a repair or disability accommodation request, how to report income or household changes, and more.


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The following resources apply to all Keene Housing tenants. To view resources and information specific for your property, choose it from the list on the left.

Resident Handbook

Keene Housing maintains a Resident Handbook that contains important information for new residents and describes resident rights and responsibilities. The Handbook also contains information about the lease, safety information, and resident protections like accommodations for household members with disabilities and what to do if you…

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Pets and Service Animals

Keene Housing allows for pet ownership in its developments with the written pre-approval of KH property management.

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Schedule of Tenant Charges

A maintenance fee may be charged when repairs or damages to your apartment is caused by you or your guests. The schedule of charges is updated from time to time and subject to change without prior notice to tenants.  Please click to view: Tenant Charges…

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Tenant Selection and Occupancy Plan (TSOP)

Keene Housing maintains a TSOP that describes the agency’s policies for administering its housing programs including tenant selection and eligibility, rules surrounding continued occupancy, and termination of assistance. The plan is approved by the Board of Commissioners and reviewed annually. The full plan, including its…

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Our Housing Programs – Eligibility Overview

KH administers over 1000 subsidized housing units and voucher in Cheshire County through a variety of subsidy programs. Eligibility requires may differ from program to program and property to property. Multi-household Housing KH owns and manages over 500 subsidized housing units throughout Cheshire County. KH…

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Reporting Changes in Your Household

Please remember that it is your obligation to report ANY and ALL changes that happen in your household. This means if your income goes up or down, someone moves out, or you are requesting to add someone to your household. Household Changes: Household Add-On Request…

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Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protects tenants and family members of tenants who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking from being evicted or terminated from housing assistance based on acts of such violence against them. These provisions apply both…

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Limited English Proficiency

KH is sensitive to the needs of those who may not speak English as their primary language. While KH does not provide translated documentation, we do offer a variety of services to help you with our processes. KH’s Limited English Proficiency Policy Back to Tenants

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Reasonable Accommodations

It is the policy of the Keene Housing to provide reasonable accommodation in housing for applicants with disabilities where reasonable accommodation is needed to provide an equal opportunity to use and enjoy KH’s programs. KH’s goal is to provide stable, quality affordable housing to low…

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