Resident Self-Reliance Program

Households participating in the Step Subsidy program are required to participate in the Resident Self-Reliance (RSR) program. The purpose of the program is to provide households with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to achieve financial stability and, when possible, economic self-reliance.

RSR provides service coordination and case management to help participating households achieve greater economic independence. While economic independence is the primary objective of the RSR program, Keene Housing (KH) recognizes that economic independence and programmatic success vary greatly from one household to another based upon each participant’s educational, social, professional, and economic foundations and challenges.That’s why the RSR program revolves around curriculum that is tailored to each person.

The Three Year Action Plan

Participating households work with a Resident Service Coordinator (RSC). RSCs provide support and guidance to households in setting up individualized plans. The plans include developing a series of goals the household agrees to achieve over the next three years, the “Individualized Action Plan”. Each goal within the plan relates to a set of skills or needs within five core areas:

  • Household Stability
  • Wellness and Healthy Relationships
  • Education and Training
  • Financial Management
  • Employment Stability

At the end of three years another three year plan is developed. Participating households meet regularly with their RSCs to make sure that agreed upon goals will be achieved and to reevaluate the plan when it appears that a goal may not be reached as originally planned.


KH provides two incentives to help participating households attain their goals. Development Grants are provided to help offset the costs associated with some goals, such as education related expenses. Rent Credits provide households who attain a milestone or goal a temporary reduction in the tenant share of rent. A Rent Credit is typically a portion of one month’s rent. The value of the Development Grants and Rent Credits are determined annually based upon available funding.