Landlord FAQs

Below is a list of helpful questions for Keene Housing landlords. Click on your question in the list below to jump to the full answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does KH screen my tenants for me?

    KH only screens tenants to make sure they are eligible for a voucher. It is up to you to screen your prospective tenants for compatibility with your unit. KH will screen prospective voucher holders to make sure they meet the following criteria:

    • INS Status – KH determines whether or not a non-citizen is eligible for a voucher based on Immigration Status
    • Income – KH will confirm that a family doesn’t make too much money to qualify for a voucher
    • Criminal Background Check – KH makes sure that no adult convicted of a violent crime or drug distribution in the past five years is issued a voucher without giving thorough and well documented evidence that they are rehabilitated
  • Are voucher holders more likely to be bad tenants?

    A family with a voucher is just as likely to be a good tenant as a family without one. The key to finding good tenants is for you to carefully screen applicants. Call previous owners to see if the family was tidy and if they paid their rent on time. Run a credit check on the adults in the family to make sure they have a good history of paying their bills on time. With thorough screening, owners will be more likely to find good tenants. It is important for participating owners to take the time to screen prospective tenants themselves so that they find good matches for their units.

  • Why do inspectors have to look at my apartment?

    Federal law requires that units receiving federal assistance meet the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The inspections are quick, scheduled at your convenience, and free. Inspectors simply need to make sure that a unit is safe and sanitary before a family can move in. Federal law also requires KH to periodically reinspect occupied units to make sure that they remain in compliance with state sanitary codes and HQS.

  • Are voucher rents competitive?

    KH uses state and local market data to determine rents paid in the voucher program, taking into account the quality, location, and amenities of the unit being offered.

  • Am I allowed to collect first and last month’s rent from voucher holders?

    Voucher holders cannot be charged more for a unit, either in security deposit or monthly rent, than non-voucher holders per state and federal fair housing laws. Landlords must abide by state laws pertaining to the collection of any funds beyond first month’s rent on move-in.

  • Can I collect a security deposit?

    As in non-subsidized units it is up to you and the tenant to agree on the amount of the security deposit—as long as the security deposit does not exceed one month’s rent; owners must comply with all state, city, and federal regulations regarding the collection of security deposits.

  • How do I request rent increases?

    Any requests for rent increases must be sent in writing to the tenant and KH consistent with any applicable lease or Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract.

  • Do I have to use a special Section 8/HCV lease?

    KH is unable to provide subsidy unless the tenant and owner execute a lease and provide a copy to KH. Owners are welcome to use any lease as long as it meets applicable state and federal laws. KH must review the lease before releasing payment to assure the lease meets all state and federal laws.