Below is a list of resources available to voucher holders.

Reasonable Accommodations

It is the policy of the Keene Housing to provide reasonable accommodation in our programs for applicants with disabilities where reasonable accommodat...

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Reviews & Inspections

Income, family composition, and immigration status are typically reviewed once a year. Subsidized units are also inspected once a year....

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MTW Administrative Plan

Keene Housing currently has Moving to Work Administrative Plan (“Admin Plan”) for its MTW Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. It explain...

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Limited English Proficiency

KH is sensitive to the needs of those who may not speak English as their primary language. While KH does not provide translated documentation, we do o...

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Our Voucher Programs

Keene Housing administers over 750 housing choice vouchers through our Mainstream-5, Non-Elderly Disabled (NED), and Moving to Work (MTW) Housing Choi...

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