Snow Removal 2018/2019

Post on September 6, 2018

Once again this year AGM will be Keene Housing’s snow plow contractor for all properties except Evergreen Knoll, Riverbend, Stone Arch Village and Harper Acres where Keene Housing staff remove the snow.

AGM will give us a schedule of plow times by property in the very near future and we will send notices as well as post the times on all of the bulletin boards.

Keene Housing’s Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance/Contractors will plow the parking lots, common areas and the common sidewalks at the end of the snowfall. Generally, you will not have to move your care before 7 A.M. or after 7 P.M.
  • We will clear down to the pavement as soon as possible after a storm. Until that happens you must pay attention and move your car, so the lots can be completely cleared.
  • At most properties when the plow enters the lot the driver will blow the horn
  • We first plow ONLY those areas where NO CARS ARE PARKED. Your vehicle must be moved during plowing to ensure your parking area is open and ready for plowing.
  • We will not plow or shovel between or next to cars, we do not clear off or move your cars.
  • Maintenance staff will shovel snow and spread salt ONLY on sidewalks, around all Handicapped Units Ashbrook, and at Harper Acres and Stone Arch Senior. Forestview, North and Gilsum, Brookbends, Stone Arch Family, 309 Water, Damon, West St., Meadow Road, Riverbend, Evergreen Knoll, Roxbury Court and Cottage Street residents are responsible for clearing their entry sidewalks.
  • Maintenance Staff or The Contractor, will not attempt to find owners of cars. KH Staff and our Contractors are not allowed to move or clean off your vehicles.

Tenant Responsibilities: 

  • Keene Housing Parking Permits are required on all vehicles.
  • Vehicles with or without permits that are not moved while the plow is on the property or in any way interfere with plowing will be towed WITHOUT NOTICE at the owner’s expense. Cars are towed by Emerson’s Towing 603-357-1028
  • You are expected to be aware of the weather and be prepared for storms. This includes having a snow shovel available.  You are responsible to shovel snow and salt your own sidewalks, except as indicated above.
  • It is your responsibility to move your vehicle(s) immediately when the plow operator arrives on the property for final clean up. If you are unable to meet this responsibility (such as you are on vacation, out of town, in the hospital, sick) you must make other arrangements (ask a neighbor, friend or relative to clean off and move your car).
  • In Keene, sand is available at no charge (lot in front of City Public Works 350 Marlboro Street (bring your own container), and Keene Housing puts salt buckets out all around the common spaces (FAC or Community rooms, mail box areas, handicapped walks, bus stops) of all properties.
  • Cooperation among residents to get cars moved is appreciated. Keene Housing and AGM will plow spaces if every car is moved out of the lot (remember, do not move until we are doing final clean up between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.) not before then.
  • Please do not pull the nose of your car or truck up over the curb onto the sidewalks, it makes it hard to clear.

Please direct press inquiries to
Amy Wright
603-352-6161 x324