Keene Housing Updates Strategic Plan

Post on January 17, 2018

Keene Housing (KH) developed a Strategic Plan to provide a framework for major agency activities and resource allocation decisions for the five-year period beginning in January 2015. The resulting 2015 Strategic Plan includes a series of priority goals and initiatives for the agency to complete and represents our commitment to the vision and mission adopted during the visioning process.

In adopting the 2015 Strategic Plan, KH also committed to an annual review of the Plan.  KH Senior Staff and the Board of Commissioners completed its annual Strategic Plan review on December 7, 2017. During this review, senior staff provided the Board of Commissioners an update on the progress KH has made towards completing each goal and related objectives, including discussions of whether objectives have been achieved, should be revised, or removed.

Please click here to view the Updated 2015 Strategic Plan.

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