Brookbend Smoking Policy

Post on January 11, 2018

A meeting was held with Brookbend residents on November 14th, to discuss the possibility of allowing smoking on the property grounds. The meeting was held to determine how much interest there was in changing the current non-smoking policy, and to determine a possible location for a smoking area if there was ample interest to seriously consider reversing the current non-smoking policy. We wanted to respond to some comments we have heard over the years, indicating that it is difficult to smoke off site, especially when tenants have small children who can’t be left alone.

Only seven residents, both smokers and non-smokers, attended the meeting, along with representatives from Keene Housing property management and maintenance staff. Overall, there were more concerns raised against reversing the current non-smoking policy than for it. The concerns included the detrimental effects on others, especially children, from second hand smoke.

Because so few residents showed up in support of changing the current non-smoking policy, we have determined that the non-smoking policy at Brookbend will remain unchanged.  Should you have any questions please contact June Jones, Senior Property Manager, at 352-6161 or email

Please direct press inquiries to
Amy Wright
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